Union Budget 2018 19: Key Highlights



  • Indian Economy expected to be 5th largest in the world soon.

  • FY 19 growth target between 7 to 7.25%.

  • Organic farming exempt from tax.

  • 42 mega food parks to be set up.

  • Proposal to raise Rs.11 lakh crores for Institutional credit to farm sector.

  • Special scheme to address pollution in Delhi/NCR.

  • Focus on issues of poor and middle class.

  • 4 crores households to be provided with electricity.

  • Free gas connection to 8 crores women.

  • Water management, Housing, Sanitation development focus areas.

  • To implement comprehensive social security.

  • Health Insurance of Rs.5 Lakh per family for 10 crores families.

  • Health/Education sector outlay increased.

  • Online loan sanctioning facilities for MSME will be relaunched.

  • Railways capex at Rs.1.49 lakh crores (electrification, safety, etc.)

  • SEBI to consider mandating large corporation to meet 1/4th needs vide bonds.

  • Smart city allocation for 99 cities increased.

  • Amendments to stamp duty likely.

  • To explore use of block chain technology.

  • To take steps to eliminate use of cryp to currencies.

  • Total infra spend estimated at Rs.5.79 lakh crores.

  • New scheme for Aadhar for every businesses.

  • Disinvestment target set at Rs.80000 crores.

  • Government to formulate comprehensive gold policy.

  • Salary structure of President/ Vice President/Governors revised after 10 years.

  • To revise lawmakers salary after every 5 years.

  • Central government to receive GST revenue for only 11 months.

  • Fixed deficit target of 3.3% for 2018-19.

  • Seeing short term non tax revenue for the FY 19.

Direct taxes:

  • 85 lakh new taxpayers during last FY

  • FY 18 Direct tax collection up 12.6%

  • Anti tax evasion measures boosted Rs.90000 crores collection

  • Proposed post harvest tax incentives.

  • Corporate tax cut to 25% for MSME’s with turnover upto Rs.250 crores

  • Relief to salaried tax payers.

  • Eases rules on LTCG on realty.

  • No changes in personal income tax structure for salaried employees.

  • Standard deduction of Rs.40000/- in lieu of medical allowance/leave travel and reimbursement for salaried employees.

  • Exemption on fixed deposits and recurring deposits on interest earning raised from Rs.10000/- to Rs.50000/- pa for senior citizen.

  • Health insurance limit raised to Rs.50000/- for senior citizen.

  • Critical illness health benefit raised to Rs.1 lakh for senior citizens.

  • Long term capital gain tax at 10% without indexation benefit on listed securities exceeding Rs.1 lakh after 31.01.2018

Indirect Taxes:

  • Increased custom duty on Mobile phones, TVs from 15% to 20%.


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