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I am years old and I want to invest Rs. for a time horizon of years.

My risk tolerance is

Assess Your Risk Tolerance

Welcome to Advisorkhoj! We will ask you a set of questions to get you started!
1. What percentage of your monthly income (after paying home loan EMIs and credit card bills) do you save after and invest for the long term.
2. What is your attitude towards savings?
3. Have you invested in equity mutual funds before? If yes, for how many years?
4. To get above average (more than FD) returns you have to take risks
5. How will you describe your attitude towards investing
6. If your equity investment makes 20% losses next year will you:-
7. Are you interested in market and investing
8. How do you approach making financial or investment decisions
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Investing in Equity and Equity related instruments refers to the investment in publicly traded shares of companies listed on recognized stock exchanges (in India and overseas) and all such schemes that may have such shares as an underlying holding. It may also involve and not limited to investments in Equity Derivatives and or in unlisted shares of companies that may not be publicly traded. Such instruments may be more tax efficient that traditional investment options.


Investing in Debt markets and instruments involves investment in usually fixed interest securities that may be listed or unlisted. These securities may be in the form of Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds and other State Government Bonds/Municipal Bonds and or Bank Fixed Deposits (Public as well as Private). Tax free bonds are usually issued by central or state government/specialized agencies that do not attract any tax on interest earned. Such instruments may also be more tax efficient that traditional investment options.

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Projections are based on historical returns, therefore, actual returns may vary subject to market risks and cannot be guaranteed.

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